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DJ Dett

Resident DJ

I'm DJ Dett. Most of the music I play is dubstep, edm trap, bass house, and hardstyle. I enjoy mixing on the fly with a library of tracks, but I'll occasionally put together "albums" that focus on a theme. I've been DJing in VR since sometime around early-mid 2017, and I have fond memories of hosting community Wave Wednesdays when TheWaveVR was around.

Most of my DJing experience comes from TheWaveVR itself, but I've been expanding to other platforms. I'm also starting to work with physical DJing equipment in hopes of starting something off IRL. I used to dabble with some software many years ago when San Andreas Multiplayer was popular, and a few people and I hosted an in-game-available radio station on San Andreas RolePlay (SARP). I spent some years in college analyzing music and trying to figure out different musical styles and characteristics. This interest was kicked off by the Music Genome project before they became known as Pandora Radio.

The artistic style of my shows is through collaborative effort with a fantastic friend of mine, VSkwidd. We've done most of our building in Tiltbrush in the past, and we're working together to create new scenery and artwork in other platforms. We like to pull inspiration from album art, shower thoughts, jokes, and the songs that I curate for themed sets. I love making things audio-reactive, and I feel like my scenes come alive from it. I'm looking forward to working in NeosVR, and seeing what they have to offer.

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Resident DJ

My name is Diamonddoge I've been a part of the wave community since Fall 2018, and Djing on and off for close to 10 years now. I'm super excited to share my love of electronic music with all of you. I love spinning House and Techno with an emphasis on the deeper, darker, groovier variety. I play shows once a month but you may catch me throwing afterparties and impromptu shows much more frequently. I wanna give a special thanks to all the resident Djs who gave their time, knowledge, and support to help get me where I am today, love you guys!

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Resident DJ

G-Dub here, checking in! I've been DJing in VR for almost 3 years now. I became a resident DJ at Wave during the summer of 2018 and expanded to also DJing in VRChat just a couple months after that.

You can find me spinning at a party somewhere in the metaverse about twice a week on average and even more often than that I'll be out dancing at my favorite virtual clubs. As a self-proclaimed dance addict, my DJ style revolves entirely around making people move and groove to the music. Some of my favorite genres include speedhouse, psytrance, bass house, hardcore, dubstep, trap, hip hop, and D&B.

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Resident DJ

My name is Glitch Euphoria and I’m a Music Producer and DJ. I’m in the melodic realm of EDM but love to mix harder genres like dubstep and psy trance into my style as well! I’ve been a part of this community since late 2017 / early 2018 and it has been an incredible journey thus far! I look forward to catch you at my monthly shows!

See you soon!

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Resident DJ

Hiya, I'm Hidi! I've been in Neos since 2019 and I spend a lot of time building venues for the team. I've loved making audio reactive things for a while in Neos and was picked up by the team when they made the switch over.

I've been handling building up a lot of the technical systems used in the shows and managing running the backend behind shows.

I also DJ and like playing many genres inlcuding Hands Up/Hard Trance, Psytrance, and Breakcore!

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Resident DJ

I'm illuminatty, and I've been DJing in VR for 2 years, as well as producing events for social VR experiences in various apps such as Altspace, Sansar, Neos, TribeXR, and previously Wave. I also create my own worlds and stages for my events, and love bringing storytelling elements to my performances whenever possible. I mostly spin tech house and breaks, but also dabble in various styles like trap and hip hop.

To learn more about what I'm up to you can find all my socials on my website.

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Resident DJ

Hi everyone! My name is Morganite. I’m a VRChat world creator and (very very new) DJ. In early 2020 I discovered WaveXR and fell in love immediately. Wave introduced me to the world of social VR and VR raves. When Wave shut down I wanted to preserve the experience, so I created ExpanseVRC, a love letter to Wave's The Expanse. Wave meant a lot to me, so I’m working to give that feeling to others.

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Resident DJ

Hey hey phriendz! I'm one of the newer "kidz" on the roster here with the Syndicate. Never having touched a deck IRL, it was almost a year ago to the day (October 2020), that I started playing with TribeXR VR and fell in love with mixing House music. Since early on, I've been playing parties in VRChat and AltSpace via Twitch stream and loving it. I've also recruited my amazing wife ElleInABucket on visuals using Resolume and she's loving it too!

We are both humbled and inspired to be playing alongside this fine group of creatives and I can't wait to see how far we can take it!

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Scott Marshall

Resident DJ

I'm Scott Marshall a DJ from the UK , my genre is Future House, I play every Wednesday at the Midweek Mashup I joined the community early 2019 and I’m a Horse.

I have been a Dj for about 26 years, and have been lucky enough to play at some amazing place’s in the real world and now in the virtual one which I have to say is still mind blowing to me, the community that Wave has is the best around.

My ultimate thanks and inspirations go to: TOTC, Petro Blownapart, Diamonddoge, RU, Tworie, Natti, G-Dub, Splorg & Rellik friends for life if you need help in Wave they have your back..

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Resident DJ

I am Synthakat, I play Melbourne Bounce, Big Room, Uplift Trance, Jackin' House, Techno(Peak-Time/Drive), Electro House and Midtempo. I do 2 monthly shows on Fridays, and I have been playing and creating venues throughout the 2 years I've been in wave, and ill continue on doing just that for our new home NeosVR, I hope you all continue to join us and come along our journey together as a family and keep that body dancing and shaken.

My Inspiration and who gave me the light to DJ again is none other Ru, she has given me the spark to pick up my DJ decks and spin, plus gotten me into creating.

I thank all the Resident DJ's who helped me with some pointers here and there, without them i would've not make it this far.



Resident DJ

I'm TOTC. Your friendly community rambunctious space gremlin.

I mix psytrance in between long sessions of taking things apart and fiddling with Blender after a pot of coffee.



Resident DJ

I'm Trash Tanuki, I'm just a floofy dude that likes to play music for people and give em a fun time.

I mostly play Nu-Disco, Future Funk, and variations of house music but tanukis are shapeshifters and I might play something completely different and out there.

As for me I've been floating around the VR space since late 2019 and I've been playing with DJ stuff for a couple of years now. I try to make fun shows fun with music that's sometimes not the norm.

Looking forward to grooving with all of you!

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